OEM business

How to order

1, consultation hearings

First of all, please contact us. Tsukumo is also can be ordered from the small amount. Consultation, such as a printed or laser processing also will ask.

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2, submitted quote

If you have determines the OEM specifications and design, along with the quote, we will submit a schedule to delivery.
Until you convinced, please feel free to contact us. As soon as payment has been confirmed,we will begin processing the order.

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3, sample production

Based on the request, based on the technology and know-how that have been cultivated so far Tsukumo, we get on with production of the sample.

4, start of production and delivery

After the sample check, we will get on with production. Delivery subject to after, Please leave Tsukumo.


accepts payment in Japanese yen(JPY) or US dollars(USD).
If you have a preference,please let us know.
We can accept payment bank transfer or Paypal(through which you may use a credit card).
We request that the customer bears the cost for handling fees.
If a formal invoice is required,one can be provided upon request.
As soon as payment has been confirmed,we will begin processing the order.

Our bank information is as follows

Beneficiary Bank Address:
A/C NO. 251-7606157
A/C Name:TSUKUMO Co.,Ltd


Q How many production is quantities in minimum?

It can be made from 50 items.

Q What are the trading performance?

Apparel, professional sports teams, department stores, specialty stores, aquarium, etc., a wide range of industries

Q How long is delivery since orders?

Typically sample after confirmation, it will be delivered in 30 days to 45 days. If you are in a hurry, please contact us feel free.

The Concept of Tukumo OEM Business

Tsukumo is not only go hand in old manufacturing method, now more comfort well the beach sandals, we are making with great thoughts to continue to manufacture the sandals reminiscent want to continue to use long. Stand of colors and thong of color, such as silk and pudding and laser processing, so you also heard advice from a small amount, please feel free to contact us.

1, Small amount order

Producing is Planned of the all year. So stock is stable. Small amount order is possible.

2, Commitment to quality

We are taking advantage of the many years of experience and know-how. Silk print,laser processing,We can variety processing.

3, Detailed requests

We are taking advantage of the strengths of domestic bases and domestic production. We grant the requests from our customers.

Tsukumo sandals

Making each pair of the flip-flops carefully by the traditional production method

TSUKUMO flip-flops are all handmade from the sole to the thongs.
Making each and every pair very carefully and seriously, particular about the length of the thongs. The flip-flops made by that way are even more comfortable, the finger doesn’t hurt even when wearing long.
In addition to, you will not get tired of that. Not only you wear it on the beach, you can also wear it on anywhere. We will send the Japanese sandals that you can feel “love” in your sandals to your feet.

Tsukumo’s Thoughts on the Beach Sandal

The pursuit of wearing comfort, choosing good materials to make comfortable flip-flops.
The method of making the product has not changed until now. Great technology and experience passed down to the present. It’s not easy for feet to ache. It can be worn for a long time without rubbing your feet.

The flip-flops with the spirit of making an authentic Japanese products by Tsukumo

Rich color variations, to choose the color of the table and the nose. We respond to customer requests with a variety of technologies, including silk prints that can be beautifully printed even on uneven surfaces with a focus on comfort, and laser processing that can be carved into extremely fine things.