Four episodes to make you further interested in flip-flops

Thickness of the strap

Long ago, it is said that thicker straps are made for domestically and that thinner straps are made for foreigners. Japanese are familiar with sandals and favors the tightness of the strap. Therefore, likes their straps to be thicker. On the contrary, foreigners prefer less contact with the strap and thus favors the thinner strap.

Names of the strap design

There are various names for strap design. Such as “Ropponsen (six lines)”, “Maruto”, “Nagaregawa (Flowing river)”, and “Jumbo”. Some can be imagined and others cannot. Name of the designs itself are sometime relevant and sometime irrelevant.

Name of the sole design

There are various names for the design of the sole.
They include many interesting names such as “Clover”, “Grid”, “Small wave”, “Mesh”, “Vulcan”, “Bamboo pattern”, “Vase”, “Centipede”, “Small inverted pyramid” and “Dots”. What kind of pattern is your sandal’s design?

Are heels poking out?

Whether it should be bigger or smaller, many people have problems when it comes to picking the suitable size. Some people like to wear it as if they were wearing clogs, which are slightly smaller than their feet. Of course there are other people who like it bigger than their feet. It really depends on the personal preference.