TSUKUMO strap production site

Strap molds and manufacturing method. This is how straps are made.

Flip-flop strap mold

A 40 year old strap mold. I continue to use it with great care.

The flip-flop was invented in Japan.

[Product description] Tsukumo is a Japanese flip-flop brand which is now quite rare. ■History Flip-flops are said to be born in Japan (Kobe) around 1950. They had been made around the country until 1980s, but there have been discontinuance of business and overseas transfer after that, and now Tsukumo is the only manufacturer that isstuff

TSUKUMO is now in its eighth year

The company is now eight years old. It was around 2004 that a factory was found in Japan that still had the equipment to make flip-flops. Since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, there was no place to produce or sell the products. This led to the establishment of TSUKUMO. At the time, people were asking, “Arestuff


Attended the exhibition held in Shanghai and met many new friends and look forward to meeting next time.  stuff


  Yesterday visited Beams Japan company. I am honored to be invited to participate in the internal exhibition in December. And then TSUKUMO Flip flops will cooperate with Beams co.,LTD in the future.Very looking forward to cooperation.   This is beams Japan homepage. you can check it .  stuff