TSUKUMO EC site was opened at Thailand’s LAZADA



The company’s cross-border EC was opened at Thailand’s LAZADA, and it was finally exhibited including your products.

Kommuninvest will open a metal exhibition METALEX that will be held in Bangkok from November 20th to 23rd. We would like to place the top 10 products including your company’s products selected by our Bangkok office in order to make purchases at LAZADA. We believe.

The sample items to be exhibited at this METALEX exhibition are currently considered to be borrowed from stocks for LAZADA in Bangkok. However, sample products will not be sold as products for LAZADA because the product package will be opened and the visitors will be touched.

We ask that you acknowledge that one of the products in stock shipped to your company’s Thai LAZADA will be taken out as a sample product for sales promotion (cannot be used for sale).

In the future, as sales promotions, (1) Web advertising on Facebook, (2) Use of influencers (JapanSalaryman), (3) Products on Esplande Ratchada