DESCENTE×TSUKUMO collaboration flip-flops

Collaboration with Japan’s leading sports brand DESCENTE

Now on sale at Isetan Shinjuku(Tokyo,Japan)

TSUKUMO flip-flops also represented Japan! World Sandal Market 2020, covering about 300 kinds of sandals from all over the world 07.08 Wed -08.04 Tue Men’s Building 1st Floor = Promotion

sell flip-flops at the Sony headquarters

We will sell flip-flops in cooperation with aibo at the Sony headquarters in Shinagawa Station at tomorrow .   You can check it from https://tsukumo99.ko-co.jpstuff

Exported flip flops to the Philippines.

Exported flip flops to the Philippines. In the past, there were many exports to Europe and the United States, Little by little to Asia. It is spread beach sandals made in Japan ♪stuff

TSUKUMO Flip-flops in Hong Kong !!

  TSUKUMO Flip-flops Continue to sell in Hong Kong! Hong Kong Shada “HOME SQUARE shopping mall PIY shop” Date: From December 9, 2019 to January 8, 2020

TSUKUMO EC site was opened at Thailand’s LAZADA

    The company’s cross-border EC was opened at Thailand’s LAZADA, and it was finally exhibited including your products. Kommuninvest will open a metal exhibition METALEX that will be held in Bangkok from November 20th to 23rd. We would like to place the top 10 products including your company’s products selected by our Bangkokstuff


TSUKUMO ×The Lab (HONGKONG) ABOUT THE LAB THE LAB is a collaboration between Match Showroom and Shokay Lab to bring to life one of Asia’s first sustainable lifestyle select shops. We curate a contemporary collection of fashion and lifestyle products from around the world that is both beautifully designed and sustainably made. If you havestuff