flipflop was born in japan.tsukumo is the only factory in japan.

[Product description] Tsukumo is a Japanese flip-flop brand which is now quite rare. ■History Flip-flops are said to be born in Japan (Kobe) around 1950. They had been made around the country until 1980s, but there have been discontinuance of business and overseas transfer after that, and now Tsukumo is the only manufacturer that isstuff

Made in Japan engraving

Made in Japan engraved on the back of the sole.

Flip flop molds

The molds are made in Kobe. A factory with a long history.

Six lines on the strap.

The six line pattern is a feature of Japanese made flip flops. The six lines are a feature of TSUKUMO, the only company that still manufac tures flip-flops in Japan.

Available in 18 sizes

It’s available in European sizes up to 54.

Each one is made by hand.

Dies that have been carefully used for over 30 years