flipflop was born in japan.tsukumo is the only factory in japan.

[Product description]

Tsukumo is a Japanese flip-flop brand which is now quite rare.


Flip-flops are said to be born in Japan (Kobe) around 1950.

They had been made around the country until 1980s, but there have been discontinuance of business and overseas transfer after that, and now Tsukumo is the only manufacturer that is still producing them in Japan.

■Domestic production

Tsukumo focuses on made-in-Japan of safety, security and trust.

■Careful selection of materials

Made of synthetic rubber, the sole produces cushioning characteristics and great color.

Made of natural rubber, the strap hardly gives pain and eases the strain on feet.

■Wide range of sizes

We offer 12 sizes ranging from 15cm for children to 28cm for adults.

228 combinations are possible with 19 sole colors and 12 strap colors.

■Pursuit of comfort (sole)

Looking at the side of flip-flop sole, you can see that it is “tapered”, low at the toe and high at the heel. Therefore, it offers a structure easy to walk and comfortable to wear.

■Pursuit of comfort (strap)

The lengths of right and left straps are uneven, so you can smoothly put your feet in.

The length and position of straps differ depending on the size to fit your feet.